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01.21.2013 , 04:36 AM | #58
My Balmorra adventure I might post more from other planets as I come across the cool spots.

I purposely left out the shots of the local map to make it a bit harder for others to follow, didn't want to make it too easy

So I wondered what was on the other side of this bridge here

I started exploring here

View from the land bridge I spotted from the broken bridge (left side) which led me to believe I could get across

Same land bridge looking the other direction

View from the opposite side of the broken bridge (looking back towards first image)

Find this tent and go behind it to get the views that follow

First view

Same spot different view

Same spot yet another view, you can see the spire I wanted to get on (middle one)

On top of the spire looking back towards it's base

Forward view from the spire

Different view from the spire

Another view

Another one

Looking down at the heroic area

Final view looking down towards the start of the heroic area