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01.21.2013 , 04:23 AM | #1
K, so . . . my main is a sent, but have a heals spec comando, fresh 50. Just tried to run my first HM FP (false emperor). First pull, I get slammed immediately. Pop defensive CDs, but am just getting slammed. We wipe. Try again, same thing. Am I doing soething wrong? Or am I just a dumb dps who needs to learn to heal? I know the instance -- I mean, this was the first pull (though no one seemed to think it necessary to cc one of the big droids). Tried to sorta los, but I'm pulling aggro immediately (not shooting at anything, had time for one or two heals before MDK)

I'm used to dps, and I've healed normal FPs. But when I've dpsed a HM, I have never pulled that much aggro rught at the start.

Anyway -- advce?