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Body type 1 is way to skinny for both male and female in my opinion, but they can fit for Sith Inquisitors I guess, I am not sure why i think so, I just do :P

Type 2 is the normal and healthy physique of both male and female, and the one I use on most of my characters.

Type 3 body I do use for two of my characters. My Sith Warrior has to be type 3 or he would look to weak for a menacing sith lord, and it fits their armors better, at least the Juggernaut armors. Also my male bounty hunter is also using type 3 body type, mostly because he has such a gruff voice and a smaller body just did not fit.
Troopers should have a type 3 body type if they are using those heavy auto cannons, they look to big for type 2-1 body and a type 4 trooper makes no sense.

Type 4 body types are the hardest to fit I think, for females they are fine, as their type 4 is just more buxom or a curvy version of type 2. But if you think of the classes, I would think a Smuggler or Jedi Counselor would fit this body type. For male type 4, I would pick the same classes, and maybe the inquisitor.

When I pick how I look in SWTOR, i always think to myself, what would fit best for this character, their lifestyle etc. And also the voice actor has to fit the look.
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