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Hello <3

I have a 50 Sage that was full BM gear before i left, but now i have came back all this new war hero gear along with modding stations etc etc? I just need to know what gear i will be aiming for and whats the new stats etc. As i have both sets of mystic and master on to get both the 2 or 3 piece bonus i cant remember.

I have enough warzones comms to start me off but i just dont know what mods, augs, gear and possibly the new balance spec? Also why is my Telekinetic wave not instant when it procs no more?
For now ill keep levelling my Jugg until i come to terms again
well you need to go balance/ madness as sorc/sage if you want to pvp dps.
for that you need the force master 2 set pvp bonus (whether you take the 4 set or another 2 set bonus is up to you)

as for min maxing.
you want to have 2 (and not more) pve armorings 72 willpower and 52 endurance (preferable in belt and bracers) rest pvp armorings. (you trade +0.3% crit and damage for -1 % damage reduction)

you want 52 willpower 34 endurance 30 expertise and 40 power (or crit) modifications

you want 27 endurance 30 expertise 41 power(or crit) and 53 surge (or alacrity) enhancements in all of your gear

you should stack crit until you have around 200 crit rating (rest power). and stack surge until you have around 300 rest alacrity.

relics should be with power (always)

modding stations are to add augments slots in all of your equipment pieces. you need an augment kit mk 6 for that (buy it from the gtn) and craft it with the help of you modding station into you gear.

all of your augments should be 18 willpower and 12 endurance