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01.20.2013 , 10:04 AM | #6
Another thing that would be really good to have in such a place would be a direct shuttle to all the operations.

I do agree a bit with Sebah though, I think it would be cooler with some place on a planet, especially if it were somewhat of a sandbox. A big area where each guild can buy a section where some housing would be built, so that others can see all the different guild's places. Of course they would still have an area that is only accessable by guild members, but then they could also have a public area where others can see some info, the guilds achievements and operations progress etc. Then some public space aswell with all the vendors from the fleet aswell as terminals, GTN etc. Then we could get rid of the boring fleet, and you could still see the general chat for the whole planet, when inside your guilds housing.