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blegh... more and more all that they said sounds like PR garbage to me, nothing more. What makes SGRs, so so so complicated that it'll take years of writing to make it "right" ? What makes writing SGRs such an uber monumental titanic endeavour as opposed to OGRs ? How is it that neutral lines, like the ones the game currently has for most of the romances, with little references to the PC's gender is ok, but only ok for OGRs ?
Not all the romances make sense with a simple gender tag switch. Which means new cutscenes, new lines added in, so they need to beable to get the original voice actor back, because if they didn't, you can imagine how upset some of the playerbase will be "WHAT THE OMG THIS ISN'T MAKO...TORIAN...QUINN...ECT!"

Hmmm...I can swear both Adronokis and Torian mentioned gender, but I haven't play every class myself.

Wasn't put in at the beginning, so adding things in, won't be easy.

Also, I know my Inquistor had a romance going with a non-companion NPC that was a bit more than a few flirt options, and I wouldn't really say it was any less than the companion romances, the only difference really being, he didn't become a companion.