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Not only that but you'd have to have cutscenes as well, several ones for all the companions involved. I don't want to find excuses but that's also something to take into account.
Those aren't excuses, they're reasons why it can't be done quickly.

Should SGRA have been in the game from the get go? Yes.

The problem is, they weren't. Now Bioware has to do some work to implement SGRAs, and it might take a little time to do it properly. But please don't take this as me defending Bioware. They did this to themselves, and we should absolutely hold Bioware's feet to the fire until they fix it.

But from my personal point of view, I want them done right. I never brought myself to "fix" either DA:O or ME (any of them) in order to romance any of the characters I wanted to - because I didn't think I'd be able to stand the wrong lines and the messed up animations. I don't want them to "fix" the lack of SGRAs in the same manner. (Was going to say something about NWN, but was unable to recall if it was fully voiced or not... But I do know it had far fewer lines, far fewer things needing to be fiddled with in order to get SGRs working - and even then, it was a pretty cheap and nasty way of doing it. The task involved removing some gender checks, changing masculine pronouns into gender tokens (which meant the line would insert the correct pronoun based in your character's gender), and assorted other tinkerings with the scripts.)

And, like some others have said before, we don't know yet how elaborate the romances on Makeb are going to be. With all the 'It's only two flirt lines anyway..." talk (from both sides) I hope they won't settle for that, you know, since we didn't expect more anyway.

I think if things turn out lacklustre, we have to hold them accountable but we also need to be fair.

On another note, I forgot what a drag Tatooine was. Geez.....
I agree. This isn't a simple situation, and can't be fixed by someone at Bioware: Austin clicking their fingers or waving a magic wand. It is going to take time, no matter what solution they choose. I am happy they're including something with Makeb, and I'm sure we're not going to let them just rest on their laurels and not move on companion romances. However, we should be patient and reasoned and most importantly fair in our approach to this, because anything else makes us look like children throwing a tantrum because we didn't get what we wanted NOWNOWNOW.
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