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The amount of RAM is irrelevant, why does windows have a pagefile ?

There maybe issues with userspace settings though.

The really simplified answer is that the kernel runs in kernel space, and normal programs run in user space. User space is basically a form of sand-boxing -- it restricts user programs so they can't mess with memory (and other resources) owned by other programs or by the OS kernel. This limits (but usually doesn't entirely eliminate) their ability to do bad things like crashing the machine.
Well, I also had a 2gb pagefile but it didn't seem to make a difference regarding crashes. I think the game tends to fill up the RAM before resorting to pagefile usage or something. *shrug*

I base my observations regarding RAM and crashing based on a number of friends with different RAM sizes and I see that crashes happen more frequently with those running less RAM. I run 16gb on my rig and I've CTD'd once on the first day I used the computer to play SWTOR and never again. But as you said, there's a few more factors involved but you can play the game of hardware vs software with this game. Better hardware usually makes a bigger difference than changing the software environment for this game from what I see.