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The basics? Not really. Because your CORE abilities come from your AC. At 50 I hardly ever use any of the non-AC abilities.
-Mmmm intersting you dont use you interuped, shield probe or dibblate? Just few abilities that pop into my mind.

Just accepting that you are terribad without worrying about trying otherwise...guess that's fine?
- mabey you would talk different when you now what dps you can do with your basic attacks.

This really shouldn't be an issue
- so your saying keybinding and learning the 13 abilities of a agent is just as easy as learning the 41 abilities from the operative it the 38 abilities from the sniper, keybinding that and having everying close to hand that it would take a second on al the keybind there is easy! I have my abilitiesso close to hand i can say i must wait on some of the cooldowns of the tailes before i can kill the next Guy in pvp

No, it will be because you suck for not having key abilities. And I've seen very low dps players still pull aggro because they don't know how to manage threat.
- yes there are a few Guy around, but i was more talking about doing Nice dps but never standing in second or 3th place to take the agro beqeus adv classes keep dropping stuff there for the wil alway's have more theat

OK, I mean, if you just want to do it just for the heck of it, fine, I know you aren't the first. I've seen several people of each class do the no AC thing just to say they did it. But if you actually want to PLAY the character at higher levels, this is a really bad idea.
- already made the listen the post with thing you wil Mis outoff beqeus of not pickking a advanced class, but for al basic things there wil be not a problem like HM FP or daily's or pvp!