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He's got 10 gbs of ram, that's plenty. Going to look up the rest though. I can run this game for 13 hours with 8 gbs of ram before it crashes from lack of ram.

Everything is fine but that graphics card. If you're looking to buy that PC you could do better with your 650$ on newegg or somewhere else I'm forgetting the name of right now.

Power Supply is extremely weak as well which doesn't leave much room for upgrading the GPU without upgrading the PSU as well.
The video card came up with a few laptop hits, so I'm not sure its a laptop or a desktop model, so I didn't suggest upgrades. But I agree. PSU and video card would be the weak link here and are asking for an upgrade. Anything more than about 6gb of RAM will keep the game from crashing too often. I had a computer with 4gb and it kept crashing out every couple hours, presumably from the memory leak issues in SWTOR.