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You should be okay to run it. The big things to make sure you have for this game is RAM and Processor, since the memory issues with the game make RAM very important. Processor helps with the graphics, since your video card isn't all that great. You'd probably be best running at medium-low settings on an average-sized resolution. Probably 1024x768/700 (depending on widescreen vs. standard monitor). I ran the game on fairly high settings with less, but a better video card before I got the system I have now.
He's got 10 gbs of ram, that's plenty. Going to look up the rest though. I can run this game for 13 hours with 8 gbs of ram before it crashes from lack of ram.

Everything is fine but that graphics card. If you're looking to buy that PC you could do better with your 650$ on newegg or somewhere else I'm forgetting the name of right now.

Power Supply is extremely weak as well which doesn't leave much room for upgrading the GPU without upgrading the PSU as well.