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blegh... more and more all that they said sounds like PR garbage to me, nothing more. What makes SGRs, so so so complicated that it'll take years of writing to make it "right" ? What makes writing SGRs such an uber monumental titanic endeavour as opposed to OGRs ? How is it that neutral lines, like the ones the game currently has for most of the romances, with little references to the PC's gender is ok, but only ok for OGRs ?

/rant over

(not aimed at you Kioma, I guess I'm just frustrated)
It is not the writing that is the problem it is the coding. Adding a second romance path for SGRAs to a companion requires to change the dialog tree quite alot.
As example one can bring up the mods for past Bioware games.
DA:O allowed SGRAs with some companions. In order that those romances could exist the dialog tree for all for LIs, even Morriganīs and Alistairīs who were planned as straight from the start, contains several romance and gender checks that happen independently so that it is rather easy to enable an SGRAs with Morrigan or Alistair, but since those two were planned as straight many romantic lines are wrong (a male human noble with an enabled Alistair romance ends up as queen of Ferelden, Morrigan will expect a female Warden to impregnate her, ...)
The complete straight cast of ME2 on the other hand does not have gender checks other to check at the end of the regular dialog if the PC has the correct gender to initiate a romance. If you trick this first gender ckeck the rest of the romance will play out, but treat the PC as the wrong sex the whole time. In most of the cases this leeds to ridiculous scenes (my favorite is MShep licking Thaneīs nose).

Considering the long time it takes for companion SGRAs to come to SW:ToR I think it is safe to assume that that the dialog in SW:ToR uses the ME2 mold so that a change will require to basically reprogram the whole thing from the start.

On the positive side since a dialog consist of little more than a few dialog lines, once they get added it should not be a big download so that all companions can be done at the same time.