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Hello everyone! If there is one thing that this game is lacking and that I believe will help the game tremendously would be the addition of guild ships! Bioware/EA should really consider this! I know a lot of people talk about it all the time and for myself and my guild mate its something we have been hoping for since day one! There are a lot of other Threads on this, better ones than this but I had not seen any recent ones.


The guild ships would consist of a place where all your guild mates and you could go and hang out! There would be an area where you could duel one another, GTN, Modification tables, mail boxes, guild calendar, cantina, cargo holds, guild bank, and so much more! You could make your guild ship unique to the extent of maybe the lighting or color on the inside. This guild ship would be huge! A place where everyone in a guild could go hang out and not have to be bother by the other players of swtor.


How your guild would attain one of these guild ships is pretty easy. You would obviously have to buy it. Same way that you had to get your guild bank. Now the part that player don't want to hear is how expensive it would be. It would be quite a bit more expensive then guild bank and probably be around 10mill. Or bioware could take a different route and make it somewhat cheaper but you would have to then spend credits to attain all of the things inside of your ship such as the GTN, cargo holds, etc..


In the end the guild ship would be an amazing add to this game! If Bioware is not already working on I would suggest that they starting working on it asap! It should be the next thing the start working on. That is my personal opinion but I think it would be truly amazing! There is also probably a lot of great ideas that I am missing or have not thought of that could go into this guild ship idea. This was just a little simple idea that I thought of. It would be nice to hear what others have to say about this as well and any ideas all of you might have!

May the Force be with us all!