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01.19.2013 , 05:41 PM | #1
I can only have one full skill tree. That is sad, will I be able to ever finish the other two trees. I get to about lvl 30 on alderon and my attack lose their bite because I can't increase or get better attacks because my skill tree won't allow me. How about a compermise. Let us pick the skills we want across al three trees. Starting from the bottom like normal but each point fits for each tree. Like I pick three full middles next line two one side two middle and our the other and so on up the tree. As you add the levels we can pick more skills.

Oh and crews skill is confusing, I a Jedi I want Jedi stuff, but I have o pick between clothes and weapons.

How it is setup I have one of every class, I can send clothes and gadgets to my other characters on my legacy right. Because that would be easier.