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01.19.2013 , 05:08 PM | #28
You know everyone has the right to express their opinion in the forum's (as long as they arn't in violation of the TOS) so I read your post & I have to say 99.9% of what you are complaining about is totally typical in an MMO today. The you stated SWTOR doesn't feel like an MMO because the server you were on was to many players in the area you were in, well sorry but thats the way an MMO works, some area's are crowded & some aren't. The starting area's are always bogged down in the MMO's I have played.
As far as the chat goes, I have to laugh....sorry dude, but the chat in this game is pretty tame compaired to say......WoW, if you don't like it don't look.
You stated some of the end fights/battles are way to hard, but you never even got close to the end of the game? There are some fights that are hard, but one thing I'v found is if your gear AND your companion's gear is up to level or close the way the gear tiering work's you shouldn't have much of a problem do the reg. mission's as lond as you understand how to play your's a game, you sound like you don't want to work hard to level or have to think about what you are doing? BioWare did a good job imo, you have to think about it this game hasn't been out there for 6-7 years. There are other mmo's out there that have been dumbed down so much a 5 year old can play them now..........Good luck dude, sorry you didn't like the game