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I just don't recognise the game you are playing with some of these items.

Levelling 1-20 is easy, at no time on 11 different characters did I have anything that needed me to zone to apply a medpac. It was also easy to keep people geared from random drops, mission rewards and using commendations. The only things I have bought on the GTN for anyone less than level 50 are orange items that I want because they have the look I like for a character and the cartel speeders and pets (the former because they scale with skill and the latter just for fun).

Crafting was also not time consuming, just by picking up materials that I ran past I have been able to keep every crafter I have at a skill level that means I need the materials on the next planet before I reach it. That is by sending companions off occasionally and setting up some 5x crafts of an item before logging off.

Don't get random invites and I see very little ninja looting. Of course I do play on a PvE server which may make a difference.

Chat is pretty poor on the 1st 2 worlds but seems to get a lot better after that.

I think that the main issue may be that you have seen about 10% of the game 8 times over. This is not a good way to play the game. Level characters up to 50 by swapping between them only when you really need to if you want to make best use of rested XP (ideally swap between Republic and Empire each time as well). e.g. Play Trooper until you have no rested XP left then swap to Sith Inquisitor then swap back.

That means that you won't be revisiting a planet for a few weeks at least.