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I could give you what is probably going to be a number 1 reason why, depending on how they structured this event. The one thing many people hate doing, even in a video game, is feeling like they just wasted their time. Especially if said people have a more limited time frame to play due to work, school, wife, kids, or just life in general. And the fact is if someone has just spent 45 minutes, an hour, 2 hours, or whatever trying to get something completed and have someone come out of nowhere and gank them forcing them to start back over having just wasted (or at least feeling like they just wasted) that time they have spent with their more limited play schedule.
This should be the topic. The rest of the reasons are not really applicable. People do not want to be ganked, I currently have 23.11 bonus damage to pvp and 18.77 damage reduction to pvp how any pvper can make the argument that killing pve people is fun given those stats is beyond me. Just let people choose to flag or not then you will have your open world pvp with those that actually have gear and the desire to pvp.

Fighting pve geared people in pvp gear is like fishing with dynamite.
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