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SGR with companions ??? who told you that were coming ?? Only thing coming in the near future is a few same gender flirt options with NPCīs and only on Makeb. Itīs realy no big deal, the time it takes to write a romance reply compared to the time to write a normal reply would be the same i guess.

I wouldnīt mind having SGR with companions available, then again i wouldnīt mind either if companions were somehow deleted from swtor. Companions is not what makes a great MMO, itīs the comunity and the world we "live" in that makes a great MMO. That how i see it anyways.
Without companions this story wouldn't have nearly the same amount of story or real attachment to our characters. It would have failed to draw any of Bioware's old crowd. In which case what would be the point of having Bioware make an MMO,