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I get where you are coming from but maybe you are missing something and that is, 'maybe this event isn't made for you, in the same way that the last event had no PvP in it'.

Perhaps if the people who dislike PvP can see this instead of giving the impression that they are entitled to do all events in their own play style then there may be less unjustified complaining.
You are assuming I was talking about me, I am not big on the open world PvP thing, and yes my time table is not as open as some but odds are I will be in there right along with other more seasoned PvP players probably in a mix of recruit gear and a few WH pieces. I do WZ's from time to time when the spirit moves me and I also enjoy doing events like these so I will most likely be partaking in the event even if it is set up as a pure PvP event. The framing of my post was done simply trying to put myself into the shoes of the people who would be most ardently opposed to the event being done strictly in PvP.
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