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There isn't any play style that i dislike and unlike you i don't complain too much about nonsense.
I am on a PvP server even though i prefer PvE side of the game because i find that it's much more exciting and realistic when you can actually attack or be attacked by a player of the opposing faction once you encounter him.
I don't see why some people are scared of potential PvP encounters in this event, especially since the chances are they will not be alone.
I could give you what is probably going to be a number 1 reason why, depending on how they structured this event. The one thing many people hate doing, even in a video game, is feeling like they just wasted their time. Especially if said people have a more limited time frame to play due to work, school, wife, kids, or just life in general. And the fact is if someone has just spent 45 minutes, an hour, 2 hours, or whatever trying to get something completed and have someone come out of nowhere and gank them forcing them to start back over having just wasted (or at least feeling like they just wasted) that time they have spent with their more limited play schedule.

Now to be quite frank, given the nature of your posts I don't expect you to grasp that and even if you do I foresee you caring so little that you will come back with some rote Halo kiddie response of "I feast on the their tears" or some other ridiculous nonsense. So odds are I am wasting my breath and would've been better served talking to the wall next to me, but I figure it was worth a shot to try.
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