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I really don't get how players can PVE all the time and not get bored. After running the same dailies over and over again against the same AI that fights exactly the same every single time how can you not get bored? Sure Bioware can create another OP or Flashpoint, but it's still the same thing in a different place.

PVP in this game is nowhere near as fatal as it used to be in past games. If you lose your gear won't be stolen from you by the other player, your gear won't degrade any different than if a NPC killed you,. Heck, you don't even have to worry about trash talk as cross faction chat is disabled in this game. I think some players just can't stand losing. They prefer to play the predictable NPC so that in their minds they'll always be the hero of the universe that can't die.
No, it only means that a lot of people don't wish to do pvp, or ONLY wish to do pvp in a warzone and don't want a live event that presumably is a pve event shoved into a pvp zone. It is okay to not like a specific playstyle. As I used in an example in another post, if you disliked RP, you'd I assume would resent it if you were forced to always be in character. Again I have no issues with people liking pvp, and again although I haven't done it in a few months I did use to do warzones. BUT I do like to choose WHEN I do pvp, and not have to go into an open pvp area and get flagged just to do a pve event.

So no, it's not that they always have to be "the hero". It's that many people don't wish to do a specific playstyle. :P Being on a pvp server doesn't mean you're somehow the more "uber then thou" player as an aside. Not saying you have this attitude (although to be blunt based on your post I wouldn't be shocked if you do..) but I suspect many do. Far from all of course, and other playstyles have their "more uber then thou" members. But I seem to see this attitude IMO.