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The OP is totally wrong. not sure where he played, but I never ran into any of those issues he mentioned with 8+ lvl 50 characters. Also Leveling in SWTOR is far far EASIER than WOW, even without bonus XP. takes less than 3 weeks real world play time to get to 50 and complete chapter 3 as well as have all the datacrons (except the +10 DC, but if you have a guild, that too) I had no issues using only quest gear to complete quests and chapter finalies and by the end of chapter 3, I had enough money to buy my level 49-50+ orange or epic gear and mod them out. Relatively a piece of cake. I hardly spent credits at world commendation vendors for gear or the GTN for gear while leveling up and if i did, it was just one or 2 items to fill some empty slots with some cheap piece of gear.

My only issue is the "stuff" they are adding to Makeb in the next expansion that has no business being part of the star wars universe or any game for that matter.
I know very well what "stuff" you are referring to and sorry to break to you but it is going to be coming in the next patch and rightfully so in my opinion. Also just a FYI, the "stuff " you are referring to has been in multiple games by Bioware and other games for that matter so therefore i strongly disagree with your notion that they do not have a place in games.
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As theUndead mentioned, I can't exactly spell out all of our policies in depth, but that should hopefully cover your concerns.