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if by crazy you mean infinitely intelligent and wise with a morality of ubermensch then I'm more than obliged to agree, althou calling people crazy and suggesting to ignore them is rather a derogatory form, tsk tsk, my friend, tsk tsk but I'm no offended so no need to trouble your conscious ( never knew how to spell it )

nothing special about his looks, it is obtainable thro character creation, in fact my Sith Warrior is very much similar, just with a bigger body - this one on cover seems to bend to back too much, his poor spine.
Its just some of the stuff you say can only end in a flame war - so it has to be ignored.

But yes, I'm probably pushing it a bit. Comparing the pictures they don't look that much a like - wishful thinking on my part, I really did love Darth Serevin. (why oh why did they kill him?) And the guys striking a pose, cause he's bad