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Hi all.

I'm a person who in his free time while waiting for warzones and playing likes to jump on top of things.
I like to test the game's boundaries and wonder if they purposely intended this to be done.
As a result of this I've gotten in tons of fun spots people whisper me about how the **** I got there.

In light of this, I am not very rich in the game since I mainly pvp and i run Biochem/Synthweaving so dont bring in the cash, but I give away cash sometimes to random passerby's or in general chat on the fleet to challenge people getting up to where I am. Usual amounts are 50-100k.
95% gives up after a minute or two.

Some of my favourite spots are:

Republic Fleet:

Imperial Fleet:

Section X :
Imp: (the shame here is that there's a 2nd way easier way than I found)

Black Hole:


Coruscant departures:

Now I ask of you. Are there any more people like me out there?
If so, do you have some challenges for me? I would LOVE to try them out.
All this jumping has made me a master of datacrons, a master of jumping and positioning. It feels like everythings either too easy, or impossible now..
I've got you beat. See the beginning of my epic sorc heals video for my favorite spot in section x
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