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I agree with mostly everyone in this thread. BW you need to give reason why you selected this to be over other important things this game needs.
I think many of us are getting tired of pointing out that any MMO development team has different groups with different specialties working on different things concurrently.

Also, throwing more devs at one feature does not necessarily get it developed faster. There will be an optimum team size which gets the job done as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Also, BW spends it's money how it wants. It doesn't do things on a whim and everything will be carefully costed on a cost vs impact on the player base .... erm ... basis. Spending money on one feature does not mean that they have taken money from another feature, because ...

*Deep breath* .. Also, there may be a limit to the number of new systems which can be implemented at once. Each system in the code has to interact with others and will impact their performance. Try to change too many systems at once or try to add too many new systems at once and we would inevitably see even more bugs arising. They can work on SGR on Makeb concurrently with adding/improving game systems because it is not a new system. It is simply new story content.

Now, can we all stop posting this "because they are adding sgr to Makeb, that means they are not working on *insert your demand here*" crap?