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01.18.2013 , 11:33 PM | #535
This post is for all the people who keep making comments about taking away resources from other forms of content by including sgr's.

The people who write the stories and design the quests are not the people who fix bugs, create warzones, fp's ,raids, ui features, minigames or the like. The development team is split into different departments that work on different things. They don't all share the same skill set, and are not a bunch of generalists. I would not want artists trying to debug code, or creating code for a new warzone.

This planet has been in the works for a long time. The money was spend for the voice actors, the artwork and the quests, and has not taken way from anything else. You people are using this as a way to veil your fear and bigotry behind thin arguments without sounding like a complete jerk. The only logical way to argue against them is to say we don't want makeb at all, because that is were the money went, not sgr dialogue.

The only way your arguments stands up is if you are so delusional that you think that LGBT content cost more money for writers, actors, artists and quests designers to develop. Utter foolishness.

So in conclusion: writers and quest designers don't fix bugs, design fp's ,ops or warzones, and they don't design ui features or minigames. They do the job they are paid for. Stop trying to hide fear and bigotry behind these idiotic arguments. Anyone with any common sense understands everything i just ranted on. Just stop because you are making yourself look stupid.
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