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Or there is nothing to say. Or they have said it several other times. Man I hate that attitude. I wouldn't respond either if I had to deal with pessimists all day.

nothing to say NOTHING TO SAY THEYVE ALREADY SAID IT your right they did say it last tuesday when they patched it was for server stability..... So how come over 1/4 of shadowlands just had a massive dc today. And he's right an automated response when it's not our computers and not on our end is complete BS. My friends I play with in canada east and west coast( im mid) all have the same lag then it is on biowares response. And as preordained just like last time they aimed for server stability it got worse. 8 months ago my ping was 52 then they stabilized servers and it went to normal 74 now its bouncing from 74 to 500 on a regular basis.... So CS what is going on and why have you not yet just replaced your third party service that you are using and have new servers. I mean it's just a thought but by what i can see these issues have been going on since before Feb. and you still use the same people. I understand that you don't control these and maybe it's honestly nothing on your end but entirely on theirs. So replace them and make everybody(except them but who cares its their crappy servers) happy including your overworked teams?