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Clarification: What I'm speaking of, though it involves sgr, I'm speaking more from a companion sgr aspect than not. Those who don't want to pursue SGR with their companions don't want their same gender companions coming on to them. For those who don't know, there are some companions that initiate flirting before the player does. Making it toggle on/off or available as an optional download is not wrongful discriminating.

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Explanation: It's not a negative discrimination to make it turn on or off or be an option for companions. It's available for those who want it, but it's not forced upon those who don't.

Admission: Now if they can add dialogue that makes it subtle, say a companion gives a compliment that doesn't imply SGR and THEN you have the option to pursue sgr, then fine. Those who don't want to can just ignore it and those who do will pursue it. Bam! No discrimination period.
I repeat an earlier post:

A switch with 4 settings (all romances on, SGRs on, OGRs on, no romances on) would not be discriminatory, because it treats all players and all types of romances equally.

A toggle that was exclusively for switching SGRs on or off would be discriminatory. To understand why, imagine the reverse: SGRs always on, but a toggle that would allow OGRs to be switched on and off.
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