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01.18.2013 , 11:55 AM | #735
1. Name of Server: The Harbinger
2. Names of Characters Affected: All of them
3. Frequency of Crashing: About every 2-3 hours, so maybe several times during each session
4. Helpful Information: Windows did not give me an error message, but the game will do a little hiccup for a few seconds where everything freezes including the sound, sort of like a lag spike but more intense, and then the sound will come back for like a second and it crashes to the desktop. Also, it tends to happen more frequently when I'm on the fleet or in a highly populated area or if I'm changing locations a lot. I play the game on minimum settings and I have 2GB of ram on a 32bit operating system. Other people in my guild are having the same issue (Rogue Elite). However, I haven't had any issues like when getting on a vehicle like others have been saying, but sometimes when I go to a Mailbox, not the Mail Droid. Sometimes it will crash during a planet loading screen as well.
5. DxDiag

6. Windows Reliability Report

7. This is a crash to desktop.