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Your right, not all Sith can be put into boxes. But I rarely have respect for Sith who just kill and destroy, I prefer those cold and calculating ones who have a clear plan, and a way of achieving it, who don't get angry and rage, who control their emotions but still wield considerable power.

This is why I like Darth Traya, I also like Jadus, Marr, Malgus and Sidious. For similar reasons.

A little of topic, but who is your favourite Sith Lord? And what makes you respect them?
I like cold and calculating too, but without a purpose, just nihilistic ones.

that is a tough questions, as I exclusively keep my respect for myself, but, I think that there might be a Sith
Lord/Lords that I may like for few details they performed

Nihilus- for primal focus on hunger
Scourge - for sophistication and rich vocabulary, the way he speaks, calm and noble
Malgus - for executing his biggest lekku weakness ( althou he fell to depression afterwards, so no that great after all )
Vitiate - for his carelessness, he is not bothered by almost anything ( althou, I dont like his rise to power, gaining it throu rituals - I prefer force users who are naturally born with a enormous force power like Sith Warrior )
Chratis - for his approach to teachings
Ruin - for his teachings
Qui-Gon Jinn - hes not a Sith but Neeson portrayed him so I like him :F

there might be few more, but I mainly focus just on a certain traits
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