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I agree, it's ridiculous how people skip bosses. I mean some of the bosses drop implants, which the free tionese coms don't give you and the others drop tionese gear you could use to gear up companions.
most of gear u get from mid bosses and bonus become usless in 2 days if u know haw to play i play since beta and do hm only for coms as soon as i join i ask fast run or u guys watching if they say they kill all and watch movies i will apologise and quit grup once u run them hundrets of times u get bored and try to get them done asap
story mode for story driven players watch there and kill as much as u like on hm's only think that counts is last boss and bh coms
if i would not be able to skip bosses would not run the fp's but then i would have nothing to do in game so probebly would move on to another game