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01.18.2013 , 09:44 AM | #40
Agree with a lot of what is here already, but lately Elara is starting to get on my nerves ever since I got to Tatooine. Her heals are great and all but she really gets annoying when I want to kill Imps...quoting rules and all this nonsense. Since I don't play my trooper "by the book" this gets a little aggravating.

I didn't like Corso from the get go, naming his weapons...then I let him shoot the guy in the head on Ord Mantel to get his "revenge" and then he gets all hypocrit with me when I catch the hussy back in the base conspiring with Skavik and introduce her face to a blaster bolt, he gives me the 3rd degree about it.

On my Consular I wouldn't mind putting Zenith and Iresso in the same room and venting it to space, just find the two of them completely useless both on crew and using them in game. Nadia is a bit of a whiner but at least she can do a few things.