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01.18.2013 , 09:42 AM | #5
A more irrelevant boss for this game is Dreadtooth with 5+ stacks. Last I heard anyone providing concrete info on this behemoth with 8 stacks, it was said that you need 24+ people to kill him ... in a contested area. After the 1.3 exodus (and even before) getting 16 people organized in an open area is an arduous task (for a retarded faction like Empire on TOFN almost an impossibility), getting more than that is just ludicrous. Once upon a time it was a normal thing to kill dribbling bosses on lower level planets with 3-4 raid groups, but getting codex entries can only entertain so many people for so long.

They should just remove this concept of world bosses for level 50 or scale them down to 8 man, because at this point this aspect of the game only demonstrates the general apathy of players and the total lack of interest of said people. This is not WoW nor some classic MMO, world bosses are a thing of the past (just like 40 man raids), but not solely because the devs are incompetent, but because the mentality of players has changed for better or worse. The fact of the matter is that there are far more 8 man guilds than 16, so both Nightmare Pilgrim and Dreadtooth are thus inaccessible to the majority of players (but I have to say that Dreadtooth with multiple stacks is, in a way, a nifty solution), and in this game, which has a severe shortage of content in the first place, this type of exclusive policy only brings more bad than good.

My 2 cents, at least. Idk, this whole Dreadtooth thingy is to me like the new space missions - very short, and not so sweet. And now, if only we knew what that Dread Guard Mask does (or will do) ...