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01.18.2013 , 08:29 AM | #8
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Just thought I would post here, as the CS reps that respond here tend to be helpful, even if you cannot give the results people are necessarily looking for.
Just requoting myself in order to reaffirm this.

I had not necessarily expected my issue to be resolved in the manner I had hoped, but to at least have it acknowledged for what it was rather than for an issue with another player (which it was not). When I saw your reply as I woke up this morning, Beesodd, I was expecting just that (an acknowledgement of the actual issue); what I got was my issue resolved in the manner that I had originally hoped it could

Thanks again, as I know CS is swamped and the in-game response tend to seem automated, but you guys here do a great job when able to address them individually and I do appreciate it.