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In my experience, PvP gear has the same PvE stats as the tier below it in PvE, but because the ratings are higher you get higher dps and mitigation


Full Battlemaster = Full Columi
Full WH = Full Rakata

As recruit is basically battlemaster, its kind of the equivalent of you having mostly columi gear. Therefore, recruit gear should be enough for you to clear all HM FPs except lost island, and you should be able to do all story mode Ops and HM EV + KP (assuming u can play ur class).

I would advise just upgrading ur gear asap though. If you complete ur daily WZ quest every day for a week, that'll get you ~ 400 comms per day, so 2800 normal comms in a week. that'll get you war hero main hand plus a few other bits and you'll notice the difference very quickly. Combine this with some quests for black hole comms and you could end the week with black hole implants, wh main hand and other bits, rest recruit. That's a solid starting point.

As others have also mentioned, rotation is king. As infiltration shadow with beginner gear you should probably be aiming for 1000dps sustained on the ops dummy (5min+). Once you reach full black hole that figure will reach 1600dps+
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