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01.18.2013 , 07:06 AM | #38
This is getting really silly.

*Is getting the bug on main account
*Bug stays until the digital expansion is on pre-order. I pre-order the digital expansion and this is somehow "unlocking" my card.
*Is able to buy coins again but made the mistake of buying three packs on the same day. I believe that this is what's causing the bug, three payments/day and you're blocked.
*Sets up second account, using a timecard I happened to have.
*Uses a new debit card on second account and is successfully able to buy coins.
*Deletes debitcard on new account and tries original debit card on it. Gets the error.
*A few weeks passed and I decided to use the new debit card on the new account again. Card, or more likely account, blocked too. I would assume that this is the outcome of having tried a card that had been blocked on another account. So I've tried to delete and re-enter my card data, for both cards, on both accounts a couple of times and I know that I've been charged the $1 "card confirmation fee" on atleast one occassion of these failed attempts.

This is not a new revolutionary system, it's been used in many games long before Swtor, so it is just beyond me how, after months, this can still be an issue. Calling cuystomer support is not an option for everyone, nor should it have to be.

Almost forgot, I'm actually able to buy online timecards on this site with a card that is blocked when it comes to cartel coin purchases. Does not compute! It's like going into a store and being told that I'm only allowed to buy some of the products they have to offer.