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my only problem with this legacy system is that once you put a character between two others, all other choices except child or adopted child are locked. that bugs the crap out of me.... grr. no clue why they would do that.

anyway... interspecies relations are all over the place. also, it's a huge galaxy, there's gonna be some family names repeated somewhere. like with mine, some of my characters aren't related, they're just allies/rivals. but of course they share the same last name. it's just like last names irl.
True. But the odds of allies/rivals having your same last name? But no, if it works for you, go with it. It just didn't work for /me/, which is why I came up with a whole background for my legacy and the family tree.

Now only if they'd let me say what planet they come from, and then didn't treat my characters like they had never been on Corellia