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This is a rotation and not a gear issue you should be hitting well above that even in WH.
it's quite a simple rotation, i'm not sure how i can get it wrong. I posted it on the first page. Are you guys sure we're hitting the same dummy? Also, keep in mind i'm a deception assassin.

I compared my WH gear to Rakata and if i would switch to Rakata i would gain 76 willpower but i would lose ALOT of other stats (like power,endurance). The 76 willpower i can get by using my rakata stim for 112 wp and 46 power. In the end, WH augmented (12 end,18wp) + stim is far better than Rakata, at least in the description. I really do not understand how it can be otherwise in action. Maybe because of the set bonus? I can post screenshots if u guys have doubts.

It would be interesting (for me) to see another parser from a deception sin dressed in wh gear.

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its low for pve my brother in columie do 1300-1500 stable over 5 min
with this dps and gear i would say u can do ec /ev/kp /tfb sm and skip the columi go for rakata u should be able to get whole set in a week easy
What class and spec are you?