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I would LOVE to watch Corso and/or Quinn die.

*cough* I mean, yeah, that could be an interesting and tragic occurrence. But I think it'd be better suited to a single-player game, something where the revenge and resolution will happen and be over within another 20 hours; perma-losing your MMO companion, especially one you're emotionally invested in, would be extremely, extremely harsh.
Well I did say you replace them with another of the same spec. And the losing of someone you have that emotiona investment in, is what I thought would make the story so much better

If the storyline has you lose the character your character isnt interrested in (lets go with Skadge as he seems to be unpopular enough) then it's good riddace.

Now, lose you love interrest, and it becomes shocking, jaw dropping, tear inducing, and you will want revenge/justice. It makes for the better storyline.