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Quote: Originally Posted by Raynezazki View Post
Yeah my sniper used the ship droid. Some heals is better than Kaliyo opening that hole in her face.
Your sniper and my marauder should have droid-heals adventures together.

Quote: Originally Posted by urborror View Post
I liked Vette but I think it's weird to make a Twilek pirate a Sith Warrior companion for so much of the game, for story/roleplaying reasons. You just can't imagine Darth Vader running around with his blaster-wielding girlfriend.
Not Darth Vader, disappointingly enough, but their Darth Malgus had a blaster-slinging Twi'lek girlfriend. You can see them in the ?Empire?'s very first cinematic, the one you see when you install the game. I don't see the appeal myself, but the writers were in fact modeling the Warrior/Twi'lek thing on somebody in canon. (Then again, Malgus got to kill his...)

Companions I didn't want to begin with:
  1. Ashara: Could this irate twelve-year-old get any more annoying? I still can't figure out how she got onto my ship. I try to recall the Taris questline and there is just no logic. I'm running on the hypothesis that she's secretly a super genius who manipulated and/or Force Tricked her way onto my ship for her own purposes, because I can think of no other explanation for her presence.
  2. Tharan: If you try to explain basic English words in that condescending tone again I'll punch you in the face. Speaking of which...
  3. Guss. Sorry, too scummy to live, and (in-character) useless if he does live. I was glad that I did get to suckerpunch him. And...
  4. Doctor Lokin. This man is probably smarter than I am. He blackmailed me into taking him with me but I'd rather have shot him then and there for security reasons.
  5. Risha: Hate that she's squatting on my ship. MINE, the one I sweated to earn for 15 levels. Hate that I can't express skepticism for her great plan. Hate that,
  6. SCORPIO. I love her, but giving that entity a HoloNet uplink pretty much makes me culpable for the destruction of civilization as we know it somewhere down the line. I guarantee it.

Companions I didn't want by the end:
  1. Corso. He's the one with whom I discovered that you can't stop romance conversations once you've started. He'll just keep coming at you forever. As if he weren't enough of a control freak to begin with.
  2. Quinn. 'Nuff said.
  3. Kaliyo. Likewise. (Even though I adore the character.)
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