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As it goes on I am starting to dislike Kaliyo more and more. I was happy to take her (I love pale chick, I love bald chicks, she was win) and I like her personality in so far as her comments are usually quite amusing. But I hate that she constantly lies, a sign of insecurity that I know BW won't let me do my head magic and fix.

Her first companion quest
made me dislike her, but at least I play my agent as someone who puts on a different front depending on who he is talking to, so he did what Kaliyo wanted as he knows he wants her help but doesn't really care about her. If I had been playing any other type I don't think I would have been happy with any of the possible choices.

I see the fuss about Skadge, but if I was playing a full DS BH then he would have fitted in quite well I think, my GF calling him a wrinkly foreskin puts me off a little though.

All these comments show that BW did a decent job with companions at least, because most of the ones that people dislike were the ones that you originally got a choice not to take (Kaliyo aside most people like the companions they were intended to like), it is just a shame they caved in and reversed that decision.
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