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Well in PVP it goes this way:

Force Charge -> Massacre -> Battering Assault -> Gore -> Massacre -> Force Scream or
Force Charge -> Gore -> Ravage -> Force Scream for highest burst in the universe.

I may have made a mistake here, switched some time ago to Anni for PVE raiding :x

Also, you can check my post on my page here: , I talk about gearing up there a little bit.
The first rotation might be the highest dps on a training dummy but on an actual person who doesnt enjoy being beat to death, it is one too many global cds. The first massacre should be removed to highly raise the percent of time you will get off the FS without getting stun locked/kited/etc. And then can go into ravage/DT root, Ravage/stealth, peel/etc,etc,etc

The second rotation needs to proc on the ravage, otherwise needs to add in a massacre between the ravage and fs.