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01.18.2013 , 12:55 AM | #52
Answering for myself.

Compatibility - Both launcher and swtor have been run through the compatibility tests, and the result is the same. In-game, the connection bar is red.

Firewalls - The whole game folder has been added to Windows Defender exception list, and Trend Micro exception list. (Though I usually turn off the Windows side of it and leave the rest to my paid virus killer.) I've turned off both programs (to many dire warnings from my computer), and tried that too. Again, connection bar in-game is red.

Outside the game my connection is fine, and I'd rate my gaming computer as mid-to-high range as far as specifications go. As I mentioned, I did jag one session of excellent connectivity - but that was undone by the next restart. Given the number of comments (here and on other forums) that "Windows 8 works fine", it shouldn't be this hard to get a decent gaming experience...
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