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01.18.2013 , 12:49 AM | #37
I'm tired of reading replies from BW, telling us not much else but "Call costumer support".
Seriously, you wan't all players calling your support? How many people have this problem?
As long as just the amount of people here on the forums have a problem, it is so huge, that you would drown in phonecalls if we all called. And as it is such a huge problem, just by counting the number of people, this is not a problem that needs to be solved individually for every affected person. It is such a huge problem, that YOU BW / EA needs to solve this issue on your end, so the billing works like it does for every other company.
If this NU2001 thing happened in any other company, it would be fixed on their end ASAP, so their costumerbase would "suffer" as little as possible.

I won't quit your game, but I can't pay anymore for playing. I still have a few month to go on my subscription, but when that runs out, I'm quitting the game, unless you manage to fix the issue.
It's very simple for me. Either I play as a subscriber, so I can get the full experience of the game, or I don't play, because F2P sucks fussy balls.
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