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Heya everyone,
Thank you for getting back to us. I am glad to hear that at least the 60 day option is working again now.
Technically I didn't get back to you, at least not in that your reply was intended for me in the first place. I did get back in the last thread already and in the thread I linked to. Just wanted to clear that up first. Also, the 60 days didn't work before, but now at least I no longer need Origin to buy a code to manually enter, and that's an improvement, which I only discovered on a random try I did occasionally to see if it was fixed. A 1 year non-recurring subscription would really make it better for me because recurring won't work ever most likely.

What I did see was someone getting the same error as I did and getting told to also call. My experience says that having someone with the general error having to call is not a good idea. PHONE SUPPORT CAN'T FIX IT, they can only move it up the ladder. There's no reason why sending in a ticket can't be enough to get the general error to be send that far up the ladder.

I'm pretty sure we're told in the support FAQ section that we have to send in a ticket. There's a billing section for tickets, but all that send go there wait for a reply that always ttells them to call it in. Why even have it if you let people wait for over a week and then tell them to have to call?

The general errors are on your end, so please just get people a more effective way to report them, please. Only the NU2001 (better known as the FU2001 from reading that last thread) error is there for phone support, but people need to go in there knowing what to say.

- Be prepared, read other people's experiences with calling before you call.
- If you can't call free or just don't want to wait for hours on the phone, use Skype or something similar, at least you can play while waiting.
- To call free with skype, set the country to US and call the US number, I advise that anyway as I heard many get non-english support, but when i called like this I didn't.
- DO NOT SEND IN YOUR ID, NOT EVEN A COPY, if they ask for it they try to scam you and commit identity theft, call them on that, they already ask security questions and everything. They didn't ask me for it, but it's very suspicious that they'd ask, if I asked the police here or at the government building, they'd probably tell me not to send it in EVER. In fact if it's abused you're in trouble because you gave it away, you are responsible for what they do with it.
- Attack them with reason, if they try to blame you or your bank, explain them it can't be the case.
- First people accepting the calls are there to thin the heard (standard policy for customer support), don't let those brush you off but keep pushing those with logic and they'll forward you to the real support.