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Bra-VO Bioware, not only have you managed to successfully sweep the issue aside without giving us any concrete cause/effect/whats being done to address the real issue, you also managed to wipe the slate clean of the threadnaught that had over 100k views, and several thousand posts on the same issue. Here's a few questions you can address properly, without spouting the same nonesense that you have about "daily limits" and contacting phone support:

1. The daily limit excuse is a terrible cop-out. I'll use myself as an example. I purchased cartel coins for a time, even sometimes doing $120 in a day, sometimes less. Now, I haven't been able to purchase coins within over a month. Of course I finally gave up, because i'm not going to work insanely to try to GIVE you my money.

2. Call customer support. Right. Then be told that we need to send a copy of OUR ID so that YOU can contact OUR banks or cards because its THEIR problem? 2 + 2 does not equal fish. From both the threads and the sheer number of players who have the same problem, this is clearly a problem with the EA billing system. Look up NU2001 on the internet, its not just a SWTOR issue, its been a constant issue with EA billing for god knows how long. They simply have neglected to do anything about it, and now thats translating to you. I even tried to renew my subscription at one point, and failed due to the same error. I bought a month game card, but at this point after reading all of this I'm done.

I've played just about every MMO out there, from EVE to WoW. An issue like this with almost every other MMO would have been addressed, multiple updates been given on the progress AND cause to the issue, and QUICKLY resolved because hey, we WANT to give you money but you won't take it. The customer support has been beyond abhorrent not to mention borderline illegal for asking for copies of photo ID to correct an issue with your billing.

I would like to thank you bioware, because you actually made this simple for me. I'm going to take my business to a company who actually wants my money. I wish the best of luck to you all who want to continue trying to work through this bs.

-1 Founder. The numbers are really dwindling now.
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