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Thank you all for your understanding.
Thanks for our understanding? What a joke.

It's insulting that you keep telling people that their only recourse is to contact a phone service that not only costs money, but has proven itself time and time again to be woefully unreliable.

You are developing a rather large amount of angry customers, and repeatedly telling them to do that which you have been told numerous times ISN'T WORKING is just making things worse.

This is YOUR problem. On YOUR end. This is NOT an issue with people's banks, credit cards, or anything that could possibly be construed as the fault of the customer.

This reminds me of a problem i had early last year where my TOR payments as a US citizen were being routed through another country, which was causing all sorts of issues with my bank at the time.

If you people can't even get your billing and payment issues straight, how do you possibly hope to succeed?