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So i have a level 30 Op and a level 30 Powertech. Im at the cross roads here. Both at the same point on chapter 2. I Just leveled the Op with my bro who is a assassin and only reason I picked a OP was so we both had stealth for leveling and PVP.

At first we both were Jedi Shadows but after level 20 decided to go Imp and I thought a OP would be better choice than 2 assassins.

Anyway only level 30 but Im watching my bro play a superior class by far. Seems like if I want to be usefull Im goign to have to always stay a healer or just be a gimped class.

Im thinking about giving up stealth even though we love world pvp and ganking. Thought I would ask if maybe a Powertech woould be a better fit. Even with giving up stealth?
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