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Heya everyone,

I will try to get back to you all, but just wanted to state that not everyone receiving a similar error message is experiencing the exact same issue.

Quote: Originally Posted by nicosand View Post
I've done that too. Cant you just tell ppl WHY they are getting NU2001, and what it means? Cus the error tells me to contact EA support.
Apologies for the confusion caused by the generic message. In this case "Contact EA support" means contacting the Star Wars: The Old Republic phone support. Unfortunately, we are not able to resolve this via the forums or ticket.

Quote: Originally Posted by McLemore View Post
My apologies to CS for being this vocal about the issue and I was able to buy some coins from my post that I did yesterday buy sheer luck I'd imagine. But my complaint wasn't about that I was just trying to make this issue a number one priority. This error is costing SWTOR money and costing us players. I want this game to expand and profit.
Thank you for coming back to the thread. As stated your frustration in the past has been noted, we both want the same thing. Rest assured our team is working on this unfortunately account related issues of this nature can only be resolved by contacting Customer Service via the phones.

Quote: Originally Posted by Merovee View Post
I've finally managed to enage in a fairly reasonable email dialogue with someone from their CS. I'm now being told that the 'delete the card info' is only a temporary fix and may not apply for a fixed amount of time. They're still insisting that in order to do so, I'll have to contact them via phone. Despite the fact that I've already deleted said card information from my account.

What I'm also being told is that the only 'permenant' solution is to provide them with photo identification. I'm sorry, and I hate to sound more unreasonable and crazed then I have in my other posts this week and last but, no, absolutely not. No way Jose. Not going to happen.

I've also posed the question as to why suddenly, after being subscribed since release that this is now a requirement for my preferred payment method. I'll update should I receive a response in hopes that it assists others suffering the same issue.
As stated to McLemore, issues related to account management (including payment) need to be resolved via telephone in order to ensure that account integrity is maintained. The same applies to the request made for your identification from our Customer Service Representative.
Quote: Originally Posted by PziCrow View Post
No hate intended, but this is a halfass solution to give out, when just about everybody is saying none of these things are working.
I myself have gone through all these things and those in the Cartel Coin FAQ and NOTHING works. Furthermore, I am one of those that live in a country whithout local phonesupport, so I have to stay up all night (and then not be able to go to work) to call support and spend a whole lot of money for you at BW to fix this.
I even tried using EA's customer support (Hurray for lack of answer from them).
As so many others, I also tried deleting my billingmethod and reapplying it, but then I just get the message, that it can't use my card.
So in short, NO, I will and "cannot" call for support and now I am unable to pay you anything for playing this game, because you're not willing to accept that there is a much bigger problem, that needs to be sorted out on BW's end.
Maybe you are willing, but I am tired, because I just woke up.
Although I can understand your frustration regarding the lack of local phone support, please note this help center article which explains how you may be able to call locally via any of the VOIP services.

At this stage we do not recommend removing and re-adding the card on the webpage. Please stick to the latest communication provided in the first post of this thread and any troubleshooting steps provided to you directly by our Customer Service on the phone.

Quote: Originally Posted by Fireborne View Post
After reading hundreds if not thousands of posts on this issue, I have to say I'm very disappointed in BioWare's Customer Service. They keep insisting the issue is with our Credit Card companies or whatnot when the cards work flawlessly for everything else, and then have the gall to ask for personal photo ID? I'm on a 180 day subscription plan so I refuse to delete my Credit Card info and lose out on my lengthy subscription time remaining to try and fix this god forsaken NU2001 error that keeps popping up when I try to give you people money. And I'm talking about a lot of money. The oddest thing is, if it's a problem with my CC company, then how was my subscription able to renew 4 days ago? And why has it not been an issue until now when I not only Pre-Order'd the game, but have been a subscriber since launch all on the same card? Pre-ordering the expansion went fine, and for a short time even buying Cartel Coins worked. Now for weeks I have been unable to, all thanks to the lovely little NU2001 error. I've done all your other steps, even disable'd the DNS routing I use for Netflix in an attempt to make this work. I think you guys need to own up to the fact you use a magnificently unreliable service for collecting money from your customers, hire some CS reps with a backbone who wont just copy-paste every reply telling people to call a non-toll-free number to rectify the problem when you make them wait on hold for what should be to you an embarrassingly long wait time, only to be hung up on.
To end this succinctly, fix your $h!t and stop blaming the people who pay your salaries.
I can appreciate how frustrating this may be, however as stated previously, there is unfortunately no way to resolve this issue without contacting Customer Support via telephone.

Quote: Originally Posted by Hachirowan View Post

What confusion?

I hope you're just trolling us for the time being before you tell us all that BioWare is actually going to resolve this issue?.. The issue isn't my or most people's Credit/Debit card or information on the website ect... I can buy the expansion just fine, but not cartel coins. the issue is on BioWares end...
Please get in touch with Customer Support telephone so the team can investigate this with you.

Quote: Originally Posted by HurricaneHarte View Post
Right.. My sub ran out and I couldn't post on forum, now using a card that does work I couldn't renew sub or cartel coins and you wouldn't let me add a different card that I wanted to use. So I used that card and bought a digital time-card on origin so the CARD works, its on your end.. Fix this and stop me getting the NU2001 error, NOW!
As stated above please get in touch with us over phone.

Quote: Originally Posted by Lyshar View Post
I have that and called, the phone support tried to brush it off on my bank first, until I kept hammering that it wasn't and couldn't ever be. So I was moved a level higher. They too at first tried to blame it on my end, but again I kept hammering with reason and even made the steps while calling them... In the end they said it was on YOUR end and they'd move it up the ladder, which was beyond phone support.

I can now buy 60 days, but still no recurring subscription. I am guessing the recurring one is no option, which I mentioned I could understand while I called them. Yet it's still there for my preferred payment method.

In the end I made the following thread and hope it's going to be considered:
Might help if people leave (constructive) comments in there, even if they just say they don't feel interested in it buy can understand that others are, or discussing the examples I put in there..
Thank you for getting back to us. I am glad to hear that at least the 60 day option is working again now.

Quote: Originally Posted by JasonKingsman View Post
Worst customer service ever! After an hour on hold I finally was told that the simple fix was to manually delete my credit card information on their end and re-enter everything. What a joke.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lyshar View Post
Don't do that, can't be readded and Support on forum advises AGAINST doing that last time I checked.
This is partially correct, we here on the Forums do not advise to just attempt to delete and re-add the card to avoid further issues that could be caused by doing such. With that said, this step may well be advised by an agent on the phone who is handling your case individually.

Thank you all for your understanding.
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