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I can understand the desire for the ability to play a Imperial Trooper but honestly they have a shorter lifespan then a freed mouse ( ). Imperial Troopers are just a step above slave or droid and a frequently sent on suicide missions or executed (either for some failure or because the Sith felt like it). The soldiers on the Republic side (which is why the Trooper class works) is viewed as more valuable (and even they often get a raw deal). The other question is what would make the class different than the other classes (and not a second mirror of the Trooper/Bounty Hunter). I think if people wish to be more of a part of the Sith military, besides the Agent


then a better choice would be a military officer (start out as a squad leader and work your way up to a General or Moff). This could be done as a new class ("pet class" with your own soldiers or maybe a buff/debuff class) and would give people the chance to play a Sith military character (besides the Agent).